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2015 Webinar Series Speaker Registration

The PartnersConnect Webinar series is back! Partners’ International Office is now organizing the 2015 PartnersConnect Webinar Series and is seeking presenters from inside and outside of the Partners Network who will share expertise and effective practices as well as highlight success stories on a variety of subjects.

Call for speakers: We are looking for chapter members that have exceptional expertise in any of the topics listed below, and are willing to share their insights in a joint webinar presentation with an expert from outside of our network. This will be a great opportunity to share our collective knowledge and expand our ability to connect, serve, and change lives.


-       Fundraising

-       Recruitment

-       Membership Engagement/ Development

-       Project Design

-       Budgeting

-     Board Management

-         Cuba’s People to People Potential  


If you are interested in hosting a webinar on one of these topics, please send us your information using the registration form in your prefer language from the options below.