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Chapters: Capítulo de Quito, Ecuador

 ¡Bienvenido al 
Capítulo de Quito, Ecuador de Partners of the Americas!

We are an entity that provides hope to small organizations located in rural areas but also to individuals. Some are active members but most do not have to be members but associated to members.

Fields we work are disabilities, sports, health, agriculture and life stock, clima change, womens development, children at risk, art and culture and education.

Just to summarize we can place some of the many projects, but even all have had great impact!!

Community Development in the very rural and small communities in the middle on the rainforest. Through gaining empowerment on the local tribes for preserving ancestral ways of making ceramics it was possible to find other areas for related projects in health, alternative energy and sanitation.

But in the women’s field we just got a great impact when in conjunction with a member NGO COAGRO we developed: Fortalecimiento y expansión de los Sistemas Auto-gestionados de Ahorro y Micro-Crédito en apoyo a las Mujeres miembros de las SPI. ---Strengthening and expansion of the auto-managed Savings and Micro-Credit in support of women members of the Popular Investment Companies---

On the art field we got incredible success when member Rommel Jumbo and KY member Prof. Larry Barnes and son did an exchanged that left a great impact on didactics for music: Educación en aplicaciones tecnológicas para el talento musical--- Education in technological applications for musical talent---

Education has been also another field we have helped to canalize ideas for better sustainability: 
Teachers have come from Kentucky and guided our ELL, and ESL teachers on class assessments and management for better cognoscitive understanding.

Foundation Oscar Efren Reyes has been working hard as member of the chapter as well and trough the grant: Education en el arte urbano---Education in urban art---we will be able to educate young kids at risk on projection aesthetic, environmental protection, and development of communication, through the mural, but also it will be possible to establish an educational trend in spontaneous graffiti.

Anyway if you would like to see more of our work, please go to the link bellow and if you would like the previous magazines just email us.


Capítulo Contraparte: Kentucky Chapter

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